Food Processing Line: The processing of food is the key element which determines the quality of life a person is going to live. We at ITCO take the duty of ensuring the usage of superior quality processing line with utmost importance and will always continue to do so. Our major suppliers are Solution Pack from Malaysia and NP from Japan.

Packaging Machineries: Satisfied consumers look for fresh, tasty food products, and these would not be possible without proper packaging. We, at ITCO, know efficient, reliable packaging equipment is vital to the food processing industry. We strive to provide you the most suitable machine which suits your company’s requirement for packaging. We deal with machine range from Multi head to Single head, Volumetric to Auger. Our major suppliers are Solution Pack from Malaysia and NP from Japan. For information on packaging machineries for products such as salt, tea, flour, sugar, cream power and liquid products, please contact us on our email.

3. Edible Oil – ITCO’s newest venture has been into importing Edible Palm Oil and Palm Oil based products. Carotino, the edible palm oil is one of ITCO’s best imports, since Carotino could actually benefit everyone’s life by providing them all the essential nutrients and thereby ensuring a healthy life.  ITCO also deals with Palm Oil RBDPO, Palm Olein RBDPOL and Crude palm oil/olein CPO.  We also supply high quality BOS (CSV6-3V), Margarine (CV40M) and Vegetable Ghee which are mainly used Cooking, Frying and Baking.

4. Raw Materials/Seasoning:  Our seasoning at current is used by almost every company in the Bangladesh food industry, which automatically speaks for the reputation and the standard of quality of our products. We provide raw materials for food industries such as seasoning and pellets. 

5. Hardware:  ITCO has been dealing with hardware tools for over 3 decades and has major experience in importing high quality products with competitive prices. Some of the products that we deal with are welding machine electrodes, pumps and motors, PVC AC,  Power Tools,  PVC Hose, Rubber Hose, Grinding Disc, Welding Electrodes, Brass Rods, Wheel Barrow and steel billets. We also supply industrial equipment such as forklifts, cranes and high powered welding equipment.