Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Olein

RBDOL Parameters



Free Fatty Acids, %

AOCS Ca 5a-40

0.10 max

Iodine Value

AOCS Cd 1b-87

56 min

Moisture & Impurities, %

AOCS Ca 2b-38

0.10 max

Slip Melting Point, °C

AOCS Cc 3-25

24 max

Color, 5¼” cell

AOCS Cc 13e-92

3 Red max

All of the specifications are as per standards of PORAM (Palm oil refiners association of Malaysia)

20 litre net jerry can
20 litre net drum
190 kg net drum, 198 kg net plastic drum, 202 kg net plastic drum
Bulk (IBC, Flexi tank, Isotank)
6 X 2 litre net bottle per carton
12 X 1 litre net bottle per carton

Recommended use: Cooking, bakery, Biscuit Manufacturing

Ingredients: Palm Olein

Origin:  Malaysia