ITCO is solely administered by Mr. Yousuf Mansur.  Mr. Mansur has over 30 years of ownership and working experience in the field of import-export, since being handed over the business by his father late Mr. Ahmed Ali Mansur. Presently, Mr. Mansur’s son Ahmed Ali Yousuf is also involved in managing several projects of the company. Together a team of 6 people, ITCO consistently strives to maintain its position as the top importer, exporter, and manufacturing representative firm in Bangladesh.



International Trading Company is located in Chittagong and has a reputation of being the leading importer, exporter and manufacturing representative in Bangladesh.
Currently ITCO has been extremely successful in providing complete solution to major food industries through the following activities

  • Food, Snacks and Beverage Processing lines
  • Packaging Machines for Snacks, Food products, Beverages and Edible items
  • Raw material and Seasoning for food industries
  • Edible Oils for frying food and cooking in food industries
  • Edible Oil products such Butter Oil Substitute, Margarine, Vegetable Ghee

Our primary activities are as follows
Food Industry Processing Line:  We provide solutions in snacks products such as chips, chanachur etc.  Our main suppliers are from Malaysia, Japan and China. Solution Pack, our supplier from Malaysia has been successfully supplying us with chips pellet, chanachur, instant noodles and numerous batch fryers till date.  Our second largest supplier from Japan has supplied us numerous number of chips pellet processing line.
Packaging Machineries:  We also handle packaging machines normally used in for food products such as chips, biscuits, wafers, and other snack products. We are also capable of providing high speed packaging machineries for salt, sugar, flour and tea packaging machines. Machines Range from Multi head to Single head, volumetric to auger filling systems, each machine can be customized according to buyer’s requirements. Solution Pack, one of our important suppliers have supplied us packaging for flour, ata, maida, shuji, tea and cream powder. Our Japanese supplier has also provided us with numerous packaging machines for chips and chanachur.
Edible Oil & Products: ITCO’s newest venture has been into importing Edible Palm Oil and Palm Oil based products. Carotino, the edible palm oil is one of ITCO’s recent best imports, since Carotino could actually benefit everyone’s life by providing them all the essential nutrients and thereby ensuring a healthy life.  ITCO also deals with Palm Oil RBDPO, Palm Olein RBDPOL and Crude palm oil/olein CPO.  We also supply high quality BOS (CSV6-3V), Margarine (CV40M) and Vegetable Ghee which are mainly used Cooking, Frying and Baking.

Raw Materials/Seasoning:  Our seasoning at current is used by almost every company in the Bangladesh food industry, which automatically speaks for the reputation and the standard of quality of our products. We provide raw materials for food industries such as seasoning and pellets.

Hardware & Tools: We also deal with Hardware and Tools such as Power Tools, Pumps and Motor, PVC Hose, Rubber Hose, Grinding Disc, Welding Electrodes, Brass Rods, Wheel Barrow, New & recondition Forklifts, Ferrous and Non-ferrous products etc. Other plant machineries that we deal with include rice mills plants, and salt plants. We also supply industrial equipment such as forklifts, cranes and high powered welding equipment.

We are consistent on improving the standard of the products and try the best to serve our clients. We wish our products could benefit clients from all over the world.