Corn Flakes Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

This processing line is developed and manufactured on the basis of the international advanced extruder technology, which is named corn flakes breakfast processing line. Its technology performance and quality can be reached international advanced level, consisting of mixing, boiling, flaking, drying and inflating. It can be finished in one time; the automation level is very high.
Corn powder is the major material in the processing line. Extruding & shaping workmanship enables the appearance of the products to look better and natural and taste delicious and crisp, not cracked. The line is characterized by proper design, stable performance, and high automation. Main engine adopts advanced frequency & speed controlling technology, so it can save energy and be efficient. Accurate parameter and fine workmanship flow ensure stable quality of the products, which are integration of traditional arts and modern technology.

1. Products: This processing line can be used to produce corn flakes and other inflated puffed breakfast cereals and savoury snacks.

    1. Output: 120-150kg/h
    2. Raw material: corn powder (you can add other materials as you like)

2. Flow chart:
Mixing > extruding>cooling>flaking machine>drying>baking>sugar spraying>drying>cooling>packaging