Date: 10-Aug-2010

1) ITCO has introduced its newest product line of Butter Oil Substitute (BOS). Our Bos replaces butter or normal shortening in the baking mix naturally. The butter oil substitute gives a golden yellow color to the baked products besides boosting the nutritional content with natural carotenes, tocopherols and tocotrienols. Our butter oil substitute is ideal for cookies, crackers, pastries and cakes.

2) ITCO has also introduced high quality RBDPO Palm Oil for industrial cooking. ITCO's supplier are in the top 5 refineries in Malaysia which also makes them the top refineries in the world for RBDPO. Each refinery maintains high standards and quality control in producing RBDPO. For futher inquiry on specifications and packaging, please visit the Edible oil & products section or contact us via email.